Monday, July 29, 2013

Classic 60s L.A. Garage Rock Song - The Starfires

The Starfires are a garage rock band from Los Angeles California. They are a 60s garage band in the truest sense. The song in the video I Never Loved Her recorded in the 60s is very uncommon, obscure and hard to find. I couldn't find one for sale online the last time I looked. The 45 rpm record is worth thousands of dollars from what I read.

1950s Rockabilly Music Video - Sun Studios

Greenback Dollar, Watch and Chain by Ray Harris on guitar and vocals recorded at Sun Studios in Memphis in 1957. The song is on many best of rockabilly compilations. Jerry Lee Lewis on piano and Roy Orbison in the choir among others also playing on the record. The song is set to a 1956 public domain film by RCA "How Records Are Made".